MGPA tambah putaran balap motor Pertamina MRS jadi lima kali

MGPA (Motorsport Grand Prix Association) has announced that they will be increasing the number of races for the Pertamina MRS (Motorcycle Racing Series) to five times this year. This decision comes in response to the growing popularity of motorcycle racing in Indonesia and the increasing demand for more racing events.

The Pertamina MRS, which is one of the most prestigious motorcycle racing series in Indonesia, has been a breeding ground for talented riders who have gone on to compete in international competitions. With the addition of more races, riders will have more opportunities to showcase their skills and compete against top riders from around the country.

The decision to increase the number of races was made in order to provide more opportunities for riders to improve their skills and gain valuable experience on the track. By competing in more races, riders will be able to hone their racing skills, test their limits, and push themselves to the next level.

In addition to the increase in the number of races, MGPA has also announced that they will be introducing new rules and regulations to ensure fair competition and safety for all riders. These new rules will help to raise the standard of racing in the Pertamina MRS and further promote the development of motorcycle racing in Indonesia.

The announcement of the increase in races and the introduction of new rules has been met with excitement and enthusiasm from riders, teams, and fans alike. Many are looking forward to the upcoming racing season and are eager to see how the changes will impact the competition.

Overall, the decision to increase the number of races for the Pertamina MRS to five times this year is a positive step forward for motorcycle racing in Indonesia. With more races, more competition, and new rules in place, the future of motorcycle racing in Indonesia looks bright and promising.