Pedro Acosta akui kesalahan kecil membuatnya finis P13

Pedro Acosta, the rising star in the MotoGP world, recently admitted that a small mistake cost him a higher finish in the race at the Circuit of the Americas. The Spanish rider, who has been making waves in the Moto3 category, finished in 13th place in the Grand Prix of the Americas after starting from the front row.

Acosta, who had been on a winning streak in the previous races, was disappointed with his performance in Austin. He admitted that a small error during the race had a big impact on his result. Despite his best efforts to make up for the mistake, he was unable to regain the positions he lost.

In a post-race interview, Acosta said, “I made a small mistake that cost me a lot of positions. I tried to recover, but it was difficult to make up for lost time. It’s frustrating to finish outside of the top ten after starting from the front row, but that’s racing. I will learn from this experience and come back stronger in the next race.”

Acosta’s honesty and humility in admitting his mistake have earned him praise from fans and fellow riders alike. Many have commended him for taking responsibility for his actions and showing maturity beyond his years.

Despite his disappointment in Austin, Acosta remains a top contender in the Moto3 category. With his talent and determination, he is sure to bounce back from this setback and continue to impress on the track.

As Acosta reflects on his performance in Austin, he is already looking ahead to the next race and focusing on improving his skills and strategy. With his sights set on future success, there is no doubt that this young rider has a bright future ahead of him in the world of MotoGP.