Sainz merasa lebih konsisten di tahun terakhirnya bersama Ferrari

Carlos Sainz has had a successful season with Ferrari in 2021, with the Spaniard showing improved consistency compared to his previous years in Formula 1. Sainz joined Ferrari at the start of the season after spending two years with McLaren, and he has quickly adapted to his new team, consistently delivering strong performances on track.

One of the key reasons for Sainz’s improved consistency this season is his ability to adapt quickly to the Ferrari car. Despite the challenges of joining a new team and working with a different set of engineers, Sainz has been able to get up to speed quickly and build a strong rapport with his team. This has allowed him to consistently deliver strong performances in qualifying and races, helping Ferrari to secure solid results throughout the season.

Sainz’s performance in the 2021 season has also been helped by his strong work ethic and determination. The Spaniard has shown a willingness to put in the hard work and make the necessary adjustments to improve his performance, both on and off the track. This dedication has paid off, with Sainz consistently delivering strong performances and helping Ferrari to achieve their goals this season.

In addition to his improved consistency, Sainz has also shown his ability to adapt to different track conditions and make the most of the opportunities that come his way. This has been particularly evident in races where he has been able to make up positions and secure valuable points for Ferrari, even in challenging circumstances.

Overall, Sainz’s performance in the 2021 season has been impressive, and he has shown that he has the talent and determination to succeed at the highest level of motorsport. With his improved consistency and strong performances, Sainz has proven himself to be a valuable asset to Ferrari, and he will no doubt be a key player for the team in the seasons to come.